Asia's role in a risk on/risk off world of investing
12 September 2012 - Ignites Asia

Like it or not, the risk on/risk off investment approach is a business reality in Asia, and the fund industry should adopt more uniform practices to improve communication and advice delivery for investors practicing this model, writes Daniel Enskat of Strategic Insight.


Interviewing Dr. Mark Mobius in Monaco 2012: The Changing Perception of Emerging Markets
11 July 2012- FundForum International


Enskat/Katie Koch Interview Fund Forum 2012: Jim O’Neill’s Growth Markets Beyond BRICs
23 July 2012- FundForum International

Jaime de la Barra and Daniel Enskat discuss the LatAm-Asian Fund Industry relationship
15 May 2012- FundForum International

Mussie Kidane and Daniel Enskat chat at FundForum Asia 2012
15 May 2012- FundForum International

Mark Konyn discusses regulatory frameworks with Daniel Enskat
15 May 2012- FundForum International

Daniel Enskat and Jean Baptiste de Franssu discuss UCITS at FundForum International 2011
8 July 2011- FundForum International


Swiss broker moves into fund management
7 June 2012 - Ignites Europe

According to Daniel Enskat, head of global consulting at Strategic Insight, assets under management at Swiss-registered companies have risen around 30 per cent since the end of 2008. Strategic Insight says Switzerland is the only country in the world to have recorded net inflows to equity funds each year since 2008.


Op-Ed: Brand is game changer for Asian funds
9 May 2012 - Ignites Asia

In the post-crisis environment, the key for fund managers to win business has been to find an optimal mix of investment performance, service, organisational stability and brand. But recent research reveals a change in the dynamics that link those factors together. First, with investment performance and service considered as essential but not sufficient, brand and organisational stability have become deciding factors. Second, brand on the institutional side is almost as important as on the retail side. A manager’s brand reputation is of particular importance for institutions entering new strategies or rethinking their asset allocation and portfolio construction strategies in the context of investment solutions. Third, Asia as a young asset management industry with higher turnover ratios is more brand-conscious than the rest of the world


Shift to emerging markets will persist
8 January 2012 - Financial Times

Daniel Enskat, senior managing director and head of global consulting at Strategic Insight, expects “a shift to equities away from fixed income until 2020, with the equity side continuing to grow in 2012, although in the shadow of fixed income”. He points to the attraction of strong dividends from blue chip companies, especially in the US, a view supported by asset managers such as Goldman Sachs and Russell Investments, which plan to roll out US equity funds.